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Dedicated Services

Perfection, is in the details

Bespoke marketing advisory & consultation, content creation, event planning and public relations services in Sri Lanka,
that add colour to, and create a symphony of cohesion for your luxury brand.

Business Meeting

Advisory & Consultancy

Result Driven

Hands-on Marketing Advisory Services & Consultancy, dedicated to ensuring a complete set-up, training and business continuation.

Understand the practicalities and targeting used in Marketing to ensure a performance boost, as you stay ahead of the evolutionary curve in your market place.

i) Budgeting

ii) Traditional & Digital Marketing avenues

iii) Product suppliers & procurement

iv) Return on Investment Methodology


Content Writing

The Symphony of Words

A symphony of words can only be curated upon understanding the rhyme and reason behind the creation of a brand's authentic voice, whether curating one, re-inventing one or simply exploring one.

We trade in words,

and we choose ours carefully.

i) SEO Content writing
ii) Lifestyle content writing

iii) Corporate content writing

iv) White papers & research


Get it right, the first time

The beauty and depth of your brand can and should be captured in more ways that one. Your brand story and foundation is where this story comes to life. 

A lasting story, curated to change the world.

i) Logo creation
ii) Branding templates and guidelines

iii) Brand story

iv) Branding strategy

Laptop and Diary Topview

Public Relations

Strategic Communication

High-end strategic communications that provide the best professional maintenance and creation of brand equity for your company.

From pen to newspaper.

Think public relations,

think long lasting.​

i) Traditional PR

ii) Digital PR

iii) Crisis Relations

iv) Press conferences

Social Media Management

The Art of Engagement

Researched and forward thinking social media strategies that work to have your brand at the forefront of industry. Utilizing digital PR, digital marketing and influencer marketing strategies to elevate your brands.

Elevate and rejuvenate your social presence.

i) Page set-up and auditing of existing pages

ii) Community and response Management

iii) Creative marketing

iv) Competitor Analysis

Eucalyptus Branch

Event Planning

The Harmony of Design

When you find the perfect harmony in design, your "moments" have the ability to transcend time.

Choose from a slew of celebration
packages for your special day.

We work in the pursuit of turning fantasy

into reality.

i) Corporate/ client events

ii) Kids' Birthday parties

iii) Bachelor/ette parties

iv) Seasonal events

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