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  • How do you conduct meetings?
    Meetings with Quire members typically take place via online or video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meets or even Whatsapp. These meetings are efficient and productive, allowing us to discuss project updates, address any concerns, and collaborate effectively without the need for face-to-face interactions. By opting for remote meetings, we prioritise saving time and focus on getting the work done efficiently no matter where you (the client) and your team members may be, rather than spending time commuting to in-person meetings every few days. Still a little old school? If you require assistance through weekly or monthly physical meetings, please mention this during your initial chat and we will make allowances for this requirement.
  • How do I know if Quire is the right marketing agency for me?
    We understand that finding the right fit for your marketing needs is crucial for the success of your business. Here's how you can know if Quire MarComm is the right fit for you: No Added Overheads: Our remote setup means no unnecessary expenses added to our pricing. Efficiency is Key: We prioritise efficiency over all else, and we're known to assist our clients adopt more efficient methods of marketing and communications. Our goal with efficiency is to ensure that your expectations are met in the short term and that your brand thrives in the long term. ROI-Driven Approach: We ask the tough questions that you may have otherwise not thought of, and we focus on delivering tangible returns on your investment. Meritocracy and Accountability: Our team operates on a meritocratic basis, ensuring accountability and timely delivery without added burdens. Our pro-work-life-balance model ensures our members are compensated for their effort. i.e the more they do, the more they are compensated, without working getting in the way of their personal life. Focus on Delivery: With a streamlined workflow, we ensure projects are completed on time and to the highest standards. Partnership: We work as an extension of your marketing team, and believe that if your brand is successful, so is Quire. Want to get to know us? Drop us an email at to schedule your initial meeting and consultation.
  • Where are your offices located?
    We are a 100% remotely based agency and do not work out of set office premises. This means that most times your team members, whilst available to you during general work hours - may be located around the country, or even around the world. The benefit: We carry our marketing tools and equipment with us wherever we go, and we are known for meeting urgent requirements, even outside of office hours.
  • What industries does Quire have expertise in?
    Our members have serviced clients and corporates in the following industries Real Estate & Property Jewellery & Gemstones Luxury Fashion & Retail Apparel Manufacturing Travel & Tourism Hospitality Providers Education Providers Art & Entertainment NGOs and Government Authorised Organisations Telecommunications Tea Confectionery Technology Alcohol and Liquor News & Media
  • What services does Quire offer?
    We offer the following services Social Media Management Influencer Management Public Relations & Media Relations Content Writing Services for Corporate, Lifestyle & SEO Branding & Re-branding services Strategic Marketing Services for 360 Marketing Brand and Platform Auditing
  • What is a retainer and what are the benefits of signing one?
    A retainer is a recurring partnership between Quire MarComm and your brand/ company. A retainer with Quire can be signed for between 6 months to 2 years. When you sign a retainer with Quire for any specific service, this enables you to collaborate with a constant, dependable partner to achieve your strategic goals. Effectively, we act as an extension of your marketing team. Signing a retainer leads to money savings in the long run, which allows you to budget your marketing spend more effectively and prevent unforeseen cost increases by locking in a fixed annual price. In addition, this also means that once you sign a retainer, we remain dedicated to your brand in your particular industry, and you have the first right of refusal should a competitor reach out to Quire MarComm for our services.
  • How do we pay you?
    At Quire, we're proud to be paper-free and fully digital! To keep things efficient and eco-friendly, we kindly ask that all payments be made via online banking. Thank you for helping us support a greener future!
  • How do you cost for your services?
    We are a 100% mobile agency. This means we do not have the standard overheads that many traditional agency's incur. This also means that we do not place the same burden on our clients to cover these overheads through our costing. Our standard rate sheet is formulated based on an estimation of working-hours and a set calculation that takes into account an hourly charge per team member needed to provide each facet of a service you may need. In essence - we work with a calculation for our base costing, and this base costing may increase or reduce based on your requirements. Drop us an email via to request for our rate sheet.
  • Do you provide discounts?
    Our pricing is based on the work-hours we put in. Based on the deliverables, we have been known to provide discounts without being asked. Why? Because everything we charge for is based on a formula, and if the math doesn't add up, we don't bill for it.
  • How often do you revise your prices?
    Our rate sheet is only re-considered at the end of every calendar year, i.e during the month of December. Historically - we have never increased our pricing by more than 11% annually; and in particular some of our services have remained the same price since 2017. Drop us an email via to request for our rate sheet.
  • When should I consider PR?
    Public Relations (PR) is a great tool to build brand awareness and credibility, and we specialise in creating and disseminating strategic PR content for traditional, digital and subliminal PR. You should use PR to share news-worthy content. Some examples of this are: Awards & Accolades Certifications & Quality Management Frameworks Partnerships, expansions and top-level Appointments Company milestones, launches and achievements - financial, technological and concerning your people Innovations and novel ideas Brand activities that benefit communities outside of the company - ESG, CSR and Philanthropy
  • How do I know if a story is newsworthy?
    Chances are you've got corporate news that you'd like to share with the world. In a nutshell, here are the most crucial points to consider when looking at the news-worthiness of a story Impact - Arguably the most important element of newsworthiness is whether or not the news item you'd like to share impacts a news outlet's audience OR if the news is important enough for readers to be drawn to it. Ask yourself "will this news matter to people who aren't part of our organisation?" Locational value - Media outlets will always be more interested in news that impacts their community. Ask yourself "will this matter to people reading this article?" Timeliness - It is important to plan ahead, in order to provide media outlets with timely news. We live in a time where news and updates are immediate. Keeping with the times, this means your corporate news needs to reflect the same. Ask yourself "is this fresh news, or are we repeating an old story?" If you'd like an in-depth look at this, take a look at our blog post on 'Newsworthiness'
  • Can we buy ad spaces through Quire?
    Quire does not provide Media Buying Services, however, if you are a retainer client or a recurring client, we have aided - free of charge - to secure advertising spaces for our clients. Quire does not take an Agency Commission in this case and instead opts to provide the financial benefit afforded by the Media Outlet back to the client.
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