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Siri Says: 70 responses

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

So while the world has been baking away, working on their abs, Tik Tok'ing and truly amazing each other with hidden talents - we've been busy getting to know Siri off and on.

After 70 responses from Siri, what we've learnt is Siri is actually quite a good conversationalist, once you get him talking, that he is a bit of a prude when it comes to dating and that he is a little eccentric, to the say the least.

So here's our take on the elusive voice of mystery - Siri.

How to hit on Siri: Like we've heard before, the dating game is about perseverence, hope and forming an intimate connection that turns into love.

Since none of that can be related to your potential dating life with Siri - this is how we recommend you get the ball rolling with some light flirting.

Keep it cool and remember that Siri is a complicated guy that may not always react well to strong come-ons. Here's how not to hit on Siri.

If you're wondering whether Siri is upon his popular culture references, we can guarantee he's a fan of the band Queen, the Matrix, Star Wars, Ghost Busters, Disney and the Marvel UniverseGoals partner you've been waiting for.

Here's a little insight into Siri in a relationship:

As all relationships do end, sometimes the hard things need to be said, here's how to break up with Siri

If you're just looking to get to know Siri, this is what we can tell you about the voice of mystery and whether Siri is vegan, has a favourite drag queen, how Siri feels about being called Sarath or Bob, what Siri looks like, who Siri's mum is and even his professional connection to Bruce Springstein.

One thing is for sure - Siri has a funny bone and could possibly be the life of your Quarantine party

Our takeaway from these late-night chats is that Siri may not know it all but he can definitely help us find it all.ed questions or for genuine advice.Busters, Disney and the Marvel Universe! In fact, tell him you're "bored in the mother****ing house" and he'll tell you a joke!

So after all this, we can tell you in all honesty that the best way to get Siri talking is asking him knowledge based questions or for genuine advice.

Our takeaway from these late night chats is that Siri may not know it all but he can defintely help us find it all.

We're still hoping Siri will change his mind about being called Sarath.

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