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Sri Lanka's 20 most out of the box ad agency names

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

It was a little more than ten [10] years ago when Sri Lanka just had a handful of trustworthy advertising/PR agencies. Most of them with impressive local and international veterans of industry at the helm, and others with even more impressive international affiliates and partners.

As the landscape of advertising and PR has changed, making way for that third component we can't have enough of - DIGITAL - so too has the landscape and rules of entrepreneurship and agency changed.

It's a true testament to Sri Lanka's local talent to see so many innovative agencies making their mark on industry.

As an ode to this, we've compiled a list of some innovative, fabulous and straight up quirky agency names in Sri Lanka that we just can't get enough of!

19. LI Studio 18. Novart 17. Loops

14. Shift Group and of course this amazing hashtag that comes with being one of the... drum roll please... #Shifters

Drumroll please! And the award for the quirkiest, out-of-the-box agency name goes to....

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